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Paddy Lennox


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“I’ve worked with most of the comics on the after dinner circuit and can honestly say Paddy is the best I’ve see in a long time. His fresh, original material and style had me gasping for air between belly laughs . Hope he remembers me when he is TV’s new go to panelist and treading the boards of all the big arenas.”

Ben Kay. Rugby Legend.

Firstly Paddy was a great success with the Audience at the Cambria Branch Dinner.
There many who said he was the best speaker we have had at this event, some qualified that by adding “for many years”

I could give you the list of those who have spoken at this event over the years, which would put into context just how well he did.
They warmed to him and appreciated that his humour was both clver and different. Many referred to it as refreshing though a bit close to the mark no offence was taken.
A couple of ladies who were guests of mine said they had enjoyed the fact that Paddy’s stories were for a mixed audience not just the odd story for the ladies. He was original and clearly had an understanding and a great delivery.

He is a charming man and engaged with people after the formalities and that is always a sign that the speaker has enjoyed the time with everyone, which speaks volumes.

I would be happy to give a reference, testimonial or whatever it is called. For the right audience which is generally pretty much the same at these dinners he is a great contemporary choice in my view.

Howard Gadd,
Forum for the Built Environment, Cardiff


“A scream…” The Telegraph

​”Northern Irishman Paddy Lennox has some extremely funny material. I’m sure this guy has a great future.”****

Paddy Lennox, who not only does a great job rousing the audience but whose gentle Irish lilt belies a mischievous sense of humour. Comedy the way it should be: a laugh-a-minute which leaves the audience wishing the show was just a little bit longer. Fest Mag ****

Irish comedian and actor Paddy Lennox first burst on to stage as a Stand-Up in 2001 and from then on it was clear that comedy was his passion. An engaging and instantly likeable character, Paddy combines topical material with observational routines.

He’s also an excellent voice-over artist and has voiced numerous commercials in the UK and Ireland. Paddy never fails to give his all and entertain any audience. A truly funny man!

He has worked at The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre with Mark Rylance, slipped off this mortal coil in Holby City and been pulled faces in many television commercials across the EU.

Paddy earns a crust on the UK Comedy Circuit and plays all the great clubs:The Comedy StoreThe Glee ClubThe StandBarnstormers and many other clubs. 

He lives in Hertfordshire and runs The Great Dunmow Comedy Club and The Laughing Bishops Comedy Clubin Bishop’s Stortford.