Over 300 Comedians and Speakers

We aim to provide an indication of the likely costs for booking a speaker.
Celebrity speakers are generally rigid on fees, however in certain cases (usually a charitable angle) they will negotiate slightly. Expenses will vary depending on where the event is, and may incur additional costs such as accommodation.
You only pay VAT on fees where the speaker is VAT registered personally. When booking speakers / comedians under £1000 its likely there will be no VAT element.
Professional comedians and certain sports stars can be more flexible on negotiation as factors such as the date / location and notice of booking have a bigger impact. Generally fees are inclusive of most expenses unless stated at time of booking.
Whilst we are constantly updating the website to reflect current fees, the speed at which a profile can change means fees should be taken as a guide only, and may go up as well as down. Please ensure you get an official quote from this office with regards to your enquiry to confirm latest rate.

Using a reputable company means you use our knowledge – able to recommend the right people for your event, and steer you away from the wrong ones. We often hear stories of comedians or speakers who have not suited an event but were booked simply because somebody “had their card!” The quality of the speaker can make or break an event and its vital you receive the right advice to ensure it runs smoothly.
We also offer invaluable advice on any aspect of your event management and will refer you to other specialists you can trust if required. You also receive written contracts reflecting the booking conditions, as well a 24 hour emergency service, in addition to our usual office hours. We aim to provide exceptional service and with a team of 5 are able to provide personable yet knowledgeable advice.

We have personal relationships with our speakers and once agreement is reached, they will refuse all other offers of work. We are always happy to arrange a briefing call to put your mind at rest that the speaker is happy with your event and suited to the occasion. Please bear in mind that certain celebrities do have riders attached to contracts. Copies are available in advance and this will include a “get out clause” should certain media or television / film work be offered. See below.

If a speaker does cancel, we pull out all the stops in order to find a suitable replacement for your event and look to limit the damage this will have on your event. Where a reason is genuine, audiences understand; where there is cause for recompense, we mediate to find an agreeable settlement. We recently helped a client out let down at 2 days notice, in order to source a high profile F1 driver for an event taking place abroad. We secured a replacement within 24 hours.

Before booking a speaker or professional entertainer, you should be aware that you are entering into a legally binding contract which, if broken, may result in a charge. See our full terms of business for details.
We always try to find a solution to suit all parties but please bear in mind that when booking a speaker, they are not “sale or return” and particularly with commercial events that rely on ticket sales, lack of support is not a “get out” for cancelling the contract without liability.