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Included when you book Jim To ensure the maximum long-term impact from the keynote presentation, Jim provides the following at every engagement: A recording of the keynote that the delegates heard, delivered through the Taming Tigers App (the secure code is only available to conference delegates) The use of the Taming Tigers App to collect anonymous bold commitments from the delegates, connected to the conference theme, which are then shown on the conference room screen whilst Jim is on stage Attendance at the break after the keynote to mix and answer questions A full briefing call and attendance at the venue at least 2 hours before the presentation is also standard. Three signed copies of Taming Tigers A credit card sized takeaway detailing the Ten Rules

Jim Lawless is an internationally renowned speaker and adviser who has inspired people within some of the world’s leading companies to take astute risks and adapt for change and high performance.
An untested theory for change has little worth. Jim Lawless’s own remarkable story shows how his own framework can and does deliver outstanding and unique results.
This is the framework that enabled Jim to become a jockey in just 12 months, and step into the record books as the first Briton to dive lower than 100m on a single breath.
But this is not about achieving the impossible. It is about helping delegates achieve what they have convinced themselves is impossible. And about helping your enterprise encourage people to reach their full potential.
Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers. Over half a million people on five continents have been entertained and inspired by Jim’s presentations and many more by his bestselling book “Taming Tigers” (Random House).
Jim acts as an elite team coach at board level and serves as a non-executive board chairman. He has advised companies globally on creating cultural change and elite teams. He has designed and implemented successful change programmes in companies including Apple, Barclaycard, Atos, Axa, BT, Aramark, Skrill Group and Badminton England.
He insists on testing his principles on himself before advising others, using “Taming Tigers” to become Britain’s deepest freediver. He is the first Briton to dive below the magic 100m barrier on a single breath of air.
In response to an audience challenge, he proved “Taming Tigers” by becoming a jockey in 12 months. At the outset he was 3 stone (20kg) too heavy and could not ride.
These adventures – and the lessons he learned – bring him and his methodology immediate credibility with audiences on all continents.
Jim holds a Bachelor of Laws degree, qualified as a solicitor and practiced commercial law in the City of London and in a major IT company before founding Taming Tigers Limited (formerly “Optimise”).
He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in 2008 in recognition of his business writing.