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“One of the most inspirational speakers I have met.
Eloquent and modest she totally drew the listeners in. Some of us forgot where we were, we were so enthralled. Absolutely fantastic.”

— Rachel Allen, Head of Resourcing, Thales

“Bonita was absolutely amazing, our audience loved it and were completely engrossed from start to finish. What an extraordinary and awe-inspiring story. Extremely entertaining, motivating and incredibly inspirational – thank you for sharing it with us!

— Katherine Edwards, HR Director, IMG WME

“I have seen many speakers over the years and less than a handful have been able to capture an audience for an hour without anyone realising that time had passed. She was funny, articulate and somehow humble even given her achievements and whilst the word is used rather too much these days, she was genuinely inspirational.

— Lyndon Wingrove, Director of Capabilities & Consulting, TT&C

“The combination of your story and the pictures on the slides left me quite awestruck at what you achieved! I know the delegates enjoyed listening to you very much and Jasmine tells me the evaluation forms confirm all the verbal feedback we received yesterday which was excellent.

— Val Andrew. ASCL Business Leaders Conference 2015

“I have taught in London for ten years and then been at Charlton for the last seven. Never have we had, nor have I seen a better speaker. I have seen almost every type of speaker at all functions….Bonita made people sit up and take notice. It was absolutely amazing and afterwards I spoke to so many students who were so buzzing because of what she said. Kids (and parents) need people like her to raise their spirits, hopes and overall game.”

— H Farmer, Charlton Academy

“Today I listened to you talk your inspirational Mount Everest story. It made me realise how important it is to keep on trying and persevering as you will get there in the end! Your talk really did make me open my eyes and realise anything is possible if you have the right attitude! Thank you.

— Student, Sidmouth College.

“Bonita delivered a truly inspiring talk. Our international and well-travelled cohort were captivated from the outset by her down to earth demeanour and the honesty and simplicity of her transformative experience. Her message was clear and resonated throughout the audience and I think everyone left the room emboldened to start a challenge or adventure of their own.

— Kings College, University of London

“The students and staff were mesmerised by your talk today, it was truly inspirational. Universally staff and students said you are the best speaker we have ever had.

— L Gorman. Central Foundation Girls School

“Bonita’s visit exceeded all of our expectations. She was warm and friendly with an incredible story to tell. I can honestly say that everyone at our school who was part of this event was touched by Bonita and her incredible journey.

— Mr. A Strong, Assistant Head. Southway School

“I just wanted to say that you have truly inspired me and given me the belief to move on and to do something great with my life. Thank you so much.

— Student, Wrotham School.

“Thanks again for a fantastic inspirational talk and photos. Everyone really enjoyed sharing your experiences and journey to Everest and back. We all left the conference buzzing!

— L Gaskell. Windsor Academies Trust.

Bonita has climbed the world’s highest mountains, including Mt Everest, and skied to the North pole. She has led teams on Kilimanjaro and is a champion for the great British outdoors, working alongside Ordnance Survey to inspire the nation to get outside.

Bonita has broken mountaineering records, and in 2012 became the third British woman to ever climb the world’s 4th highest peak, Mt Lhotse; considered a technically much more difficult climb than Everest.

Bonita is also one of the most sought after youth speakers in the UK, visiting over 80 schools in 2015 alone, and many hundreds over her 6 years as a motivational speaker. She is also a highly in demand corporate speaker and event host, and has spoken for world famous brands.

Bonita lives and breathes inspiring others to step outside their comfort zones, whether that be through the Get Outside campaign, her motivational talks, leading teams on Kilimanjaro or through her own extreme endeavours.