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David Gunson


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‘I first heard David Gunson 15 years ago and I rolled around with laughter then. I heard it again last week and its still as funny!’

‘The humour hasn’t dated, and it will have you laughing out loud (and maybe a little nervous the next time you get on a plane).’

‘All I can suggest is to quote David Gunson, ‘find the seat which has the black box under it, because if that’s all they intend recovering, you want to be strapped to it!’

‘It is honestly one of the best pieces of comedy I have heard. As ex-RAF I can completely relate to the humour that David has.’

‘David Gunson is truly brilliant in this classic after dinner speech.’

‘Far better than most comedians, this dry satirical look at one of the most vital things in the World, had me laughing until it hurt!’

‘The funniest part of it all is that it isn’t a great leap of faith to believe it is all 100% true!’

David is a brilliantly funny, former air traffic controller at Birmingham Airport. He speaks on the general theme of ‘What goes up doesn’t necessarily come down’ – comic stories of his experiences of narrowly averted disasters! Dave’s smooth approach and impeccable timing does nothing to allay the fears of frequent flyers, leaving them with the nagging doubt that it’s all true.

Dave is a former American Express Speaker of the Year and he has spoken for many of the UK’s most successful companies, as well as institute and sporting dinner functions.