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Royal Bank of Scotland "Andrew had a fantastic story to tell, delivered it in a very engaging way, and the feedback was extremely positive. A great impact!" Legal & General Assurance Society Limited "Charming and personable! Andrew was accommodating and very professional in his area of expertise." Arch Reinsurance "A big thank you for your presentation and the insights you provided our team! The feedback was very positive and I felt you connected well with our team. And this is a tough to please crowd! I was also personally captivated by your message and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation."

Andrew specialises in employee engagement, customer experience and the leadership required to create the link between the two. Previously, he spent 28 years working for the John Lewis Partnership, starting as a management trainee to becoming responsible for customer experience across the department store division.
Andrew’s aim is to make individuals and organisations happier and more fulfilled through a sense of collective purpose, so they engender trust, loyalty and advocacy from their customers while becoming more productive and, as a consequence, more profitable. He helps organisations join up their own internal dots to create their unique link between employee engagement and consistently great customer experience.
Whether it’s public sector, not for profit or a large multinational, Andrew places an emphasis on understanding what makes (or can make) them different and special for their customers. Often different parts of an organisation believe they have different purposes, but Andrew enables them to cut through their differences in perception and experience. By uncovering inherent values and a shared enthusiasm he brings about employee engagement and growth.
Andrew also looks at the roles of leadership, communication, trust and enjoying work in creating success. In presentations, he explains that great customer experience cannot be taught but reflects a great internal culture. By developing a personality and values that are realistic, honest, and shared, organisations can deliver a degree of long lasting, competitive differentiation that few achieve, but many aspire to.
His speaking topics include:
– Consistently delivering differentiated customer experience to define the brand
– Leadership and change in a behaviour driven organisation
– Authentic marketing
– Defining and shaping organisational culture through storytelling
– Fun at work to enhance commercial success and productivity
– Selling though service and relationships
– Managing complaints to enhance reputation
– The challenges and future of retail