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Paul Sculthorpe MBE


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Paul ‘Scully’ Sculthorpe is arguably the greatest rugby league player to come out of  Great Britain in the last 20 years.

One of only three players to have won the prestigeous “Man of Steel” award on more than one occasion and the only player to win the award in consecutive seasons. Paul was the captain of Great Britain and also of St Helens during a period when they dominated British Rugby League.

As with many great players in any sport, Paul’s success came from being able to make the most of his physical abilities by working hard and pushing himself to the limit in training.

In order to be a world class performer in anything you need to be willing to push yourself to the limits, excellence always comes at a price.

What separates Paul from most players is his mental strength, his mental toughness. The ability to be completely focussed on your role wihin a team regardless of what is going on around you.

Paul is an engaging presenter and speaker. At the age of 18 he was made captain of the Warrington Wolves Rugby League team……

What kind of person would be made captain of a top flight rugby league team, full of weathered professionals from all over the world when they were the youngest in the team.?

An exceptional one, someone that people stop and listen to when they talk. Someone with the charater and charisma to command a room of individuals.

Paul went on to captain St Helens and Great Britain. Needless to say that he has ‘presence’, when you attend a speech or training session with Paul you will never be bored, he holds your attention throughout the session.