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Christine Hamilton


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You were wonderful – I just wish I could have given you more time to speak”

          Yorkshire Post Literary Luncheon

“You were magnificent. Absolutely everyone was impressed by your irreverent approach and by the way you joined in everything to make the evening such a success”

      North West Institute of Chartered Accountants

“You were quite the best speaker and entertainer we have ever had! I could fill the entire page with adjectives describing how good you were. May I simply say you were quite riveting. The audience to a man/woman loved you and your very polished performance”

Hampshire Rotary Luncheon

“Thank you for your truly outstanding contribution to the success of our Conference”

Executive PA in Business Conference

“the best Presidential debate for years – you made it for everyone!”

Cambridge Union Society

Infamous politician’s wife. Hilarious and interesting speaker either alone or with husband Neil. Christine appears regularly on TV and radio, from entertainment to news and current affairs programmes. Her repertoire includes everything from ‘Have I Got News for You’ , ‘Bo Selecta’ , ‘Harry Hill’ and ‘This Morning’ . She also writes for newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Christine gained her celebrity status from her unnerving support in her husbands General Election Campaign. She has created a juxtaposition of persona for herself from ‘The Wife from Hell’ to ‘The Battling Lioness.’ However she always delivers a feisty and attention grabbing speech and is an engaging host, full of energy and enthusiasm for whatever is put in front of her.