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1. Your speech provided a great insight into your amazing exploits. You are an inspirational figure and an admirable example of what can be attained by extending the limits of personal motivation and challenge. We thoroughly enjoyed having you in store and have received many examples of positive feedback.

2. Thank you for a wonderful, inspirational talk! Not only did you model to the students a fluently organised presentation, you opened their eyes to possibilities and opportunities and reminded them of the value of independence, challenge, confidence and personal growth – things which are so important to them as they stand on the brink of the world of higher education or work. Your enthusiasm was infectious, and I hope that you will bring your marvellous photos and anecdotes to us again later in the academic year.
 William Morris Sixth Form,

3. Ben is possibly almost as good a speaker as he is a climber. He has exactly the right manner to inspire young people – gentle, funny yet quietly authoritative. His description of his ascent of Angel Falls is truly astonishing and at times the photos of his trip leave you feeling decidedly queasy! I would recommend him to anyone – he is superb. Book him and see – you won’t regret it!
 St Edmunds College – Herts,

Ben Heason is a professional climber, adventurer and coach and an experienced, highly-regarded motivational speaker.

Ben has had a passion for climbing and outdoor adventure from a very young age, including walking the Annapurna circuit in the Himalayas at the age of 4. By the age of 13 he had climbed the highest mountains in Greece, Morocco and Thailand.

Things got serious for Ben when he joined Birmingham University’s Mountaineering Club in 1994, which intensified his passion and obsession for climbing. Since then his ability has gone from strength to strength along with his interest and experience in both After Dinner and motivational speaking.

Ben is well-known for his free climbing… no hands!! He offers an insight into the exhilaration of the experience, for those too light hearted to free climb a mountain!