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Working predominately as an after dinner speaker Barry Williams also finds the call from different directions makes him a Jack of all trades and, with his experience, a master of them all. As an award winning comedian in the 80’s Barry side stepped into the new and refreshing work space known as the after dinner speaker circuit. His intention was to be both after dinner speaker and also retain some of his lucrative cabaret work. However, within just months the after dinner speaker circuit became his sole work place and he developed wonderful working relationships with blue chip companies for whom he has worked on a regular basis to this day.

Barry’s most frequent clients are forever amazed that each of his performances in turn is unique. Barry always discreetly notes the material he uses and never repeats himself and in some cases this has been for ten years or more. He does of course love the refreshing challenge which is always presented with a new client but he also indulges in keeping apace with his always new material policy on repeat bookings.

An after dinner speaking engagement is exactly what Barry Williams does so well but also remember that should your requirements be peripheral to that, he can side step comfortably into any guise.