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Fabulous Flournoy MBE

£0 - £5000

Fab Flournoy is the most successful player-coach in British Basketball history. He has won everything there is to win in the domestic basketball league including 22 trophies in the last ten years, seven league titles, won 80 per cent of all the games the Eagles have played and Fab leads the British Basketball League with games played (550).

The unique standpoint of being a player-coach allows him to understand the nuances of both building a team on the management side and being part of that team on the playing side. This quality makes him a much sought after speaker for businesses and teams looking to replicate his success.

Despite being a native of New York, he also qualified for the English Basketball team and won a bronze medal playing for England in the 2006 Commonwealth games.

He is currently the player/coach of the Newcastle Eagles, a role he has held for the past seven years. In that time his unparalleled commitment, motivational skills and drive have established the Eagles as the best club in the British Basketball League

Fab’s enthusiasm and positivity has more recently been channelled into public speaking and motivational speeches for universities, colleges, businesses and prisons. He uses his never say die attitude to basketball to show how others can be just as determined at succeeding in whatever they choose to.



Former Prime Minister Tony Blair: “I met a guy from America called Fabulous Flournoy – his first name is unforgettable – he plays for the Newcastle basketball team and I met him at a primary school working with kids from pre-school up to 11. He was absolutely outstanding, putting something amazing back into the local community.

“He wouldn’t be as famous as the David Beckhams of this world, but if I was going to pick out someone that I’d come across recently, I thought he was an inspiration, and it’s great when you see people who’ve done well in sport and aren’t arrogant about it, but are really quite humble about how lucky they’ve been to have that talent, and want to use it to the benefit of others. I think with any great sportsman or woman, what you realise when you get to know them, and obviously I have got to know them over time, is that they tend to be people with some breadth as a human being as well as simply physical prowess, and I think that’s ultimately what makes the difference.”

Ian Hillman, Assistant Director Residential, Her Majesty’s Prison & Young Offenders Institute Doncaster:

“I have been working with this client group for over 15 years and was amazed how Fab had them all captivated with his life story. Many of these young men have had similar lives and when I hear them wanting to emulate Fab and become something other than a statistic, the day was worthwhile. It is difficult for any adult to keep these guys’ attention for more than a few moments, however Fab managed to do this for over two hours and still they wanted more. I would definitely recommend him to this age group and younger juveniles would benefit greatly. I enjoyed it too.”