Norman Croucher

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As a double leg amputee Norman’s mountaineering has certainly been challenging, and the greater the challenge the greater the reward – if you succeed.

One difficulty was choosing targets, which were ambitious and at the same time realistic. He achieved his ambition of climbing a mountain of 8,000 metres by many stages and over many years as he explored his physical and mental limits. Time and again there were knock-backs, but winners must have the courage to fail, must get up again and go back to the mountain with a positive attitude.

He believes that you need to ignore, convert or circumvent the prophets of doom, the faint-hearted, the blockers, the losers, the cynics and that applies not just in mountaineering but also in many other areas of life. There has been an added motivation in that his climbing has been the base for campaigns promoting access, integration and adventure sports for people with disabilities.


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